Winter Riding in the Durham Forest

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Hello everyone,

Over the last few days there has been a lot of concern expressed by some DMBA members over our winter grooming pilot program with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. At the heart of this concern was the requirement of 3.8-inch tire for riding groomed trails.

I am very pleased to tell you that members of the DMBA Board of Directors met this week with the LSRCA leadership team to discuss your concerns and to cooperate on finding a solution. We jointly agreed to remove the tire requirement and confirm the groomed trails are open to all, for all uses, without restriction.

What I would like everyone to understand is the DMBA works hard to advocate for the interests of mountain bikers. The 3.8" tire requirement was never intended to restrict access but as so many of you have pointed out, in effect it did. Our goal was really quite the opposite, to groom these trails for the enjoyment of all users. The facts and physics do support the benefit of wider tires and lower inflation pressures to winter groomed trails, but we failed to anticipate how this message would be interpreted.

Please enjoy these trails, and recognize and respect the efforts of our volunteers who build and maintain them. Thank you for making good choices about when and how you ride. Lastly, please know that we value your opinion. We read every post and every email, we understand your message. Thank you for your patience as we worked things out.

Most sincerely,

Dan Little
President – Durham Mountain Biking Association
Build, Ride, Respect



This is good news indeed. Hopefully everyone will use the same good judgement about whether to ride on a given day in winter as in the rest of the year.
I joined DMBA as a member just last night, so this was my first notification from the club. Hurray!

Bob Walsh