Updates From Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority re Durham Forest

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This is a note that we received from LSRCA who manages Durham Forest.
Hello everyone,
I wanted to send a note regarding a few activities we have completed at the forest since our last update:
-We have done some minor repair work on the “Red Oak” trail to fix some bumps from the winter 2017 harvest operation;
-We have pushed logs, brush and debris back from the main parking lot and conducted some clean-up activities;
-We have installed an animal proof garbage can in the main parking lot;
-In partnership with DMBA, a new trail has been constructed to connect “Lickety Split” with the well-used pedestrian trail originating near the main parking lot.
-We have updated our kiosk mapping. The maps will be updated again in the near future to reflect changes in trails. A temporary fix to the “you are here” markers has been applied.
-We have planted some trees (~60 red pine and ~10 red oak) in the old gravel pit near the above mentioned spring of 2017 trail build;
-We have planted some trees (~40 red oak) along “The Pines” trail to contribute to a speedier green-up following the winter 2017 harvest operation;
-We have removed approximately 15 risk trees on the “Superfly Alley” trail following a full risk assessment;
-We have conducted a full tree risk assessment of the “Stone Soup” trail including the removal of approximately 40 trees;
-We have removed approximately 10 trees along the eastern 1/3 of Lickety Split;
-We have reinstalled a signage post which was damaged during the winter harvest operation.
Ongoing work will take place in the forest to upgrade signage, mapping and trail conditions. A directional signpost has fallen over near Coyote Junction and is slated for replacement this summer.