Skytop Beer and Bike Festival

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One of our members, Belinda Hosey* is presenting the Skytop Beer and Bikes Festival
There is a new festival coming to a forest near you......the first annual Skytop Beer and Bikes Festival will take place on the private trails of Skytop (Skytop is approximately 1 km east of Durham Forest, directions on the event website). Saturday, September 9 th !  Skytop Beer and Bike Festival

*as well as being a passionate mom, a mountain biker and an appreciator of good beer, Belinda is also a DMBA board member with a focus on York region, and in particular Ravenshoe



I signed up last week. how many people have signed so far? this is my first time here for this event.

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Not to worry you will not be the only one!

how many people have signed up ? I don't want to be the one show up there.