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The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) conducts a survey every 5 years to gather information about what trail users would like and what they feel needs to be changed/improved. This survey includes Durham Forest where our 1000 members spend quite a lot of their time!  Mountain Bikers are the primary user group in Durham Forest and it's imperative that LSRCA to get our feedback.  Please encourage all Mountain Bikers to take the 10 minutes to complete this survey, click here.  
By doing the survey, you will be communicating to LSCRA what’s important to you and will help the LSRCA make future decisions to better meet the needs of the forest users.  
The DMBA Board of Directors would like to highlight important information to consider when filling out the survey that we feel would help improve the user experience of Durham Forest:
1) Reclassifying of the Forest to a recreational area (currently it is a working forest). All users view and use this resource as a recreational forest.  Our mission is to build and preserve opportunities to ride and protecting the forest is key.
2) Expanding parking lots so that the growing number of people using the forest can be managed safely.
3) Improving the trail signage in the forest to help our members easily navigate Durham Forest and allow for easy location in the event of an accident. (ie all trails need name signs) 
4) Adding facilities that include permanent garbage cans, a shelter, washrooms & a bike wash at the main Durham Tract.  Also it would be nice to haves food vendors and an outdoor shop where you can rent or get your bike repaired. 
5) Form a Durham Forest Stewardship Committee that looks out for the best interests of the forest and it's users.  
6) More timely clean up of garbage and animal waste from in parking lots and trails.   
On a final note, there is a question about user fees in the survey.  It is a very complicated question.  There is a problem in Canada of not having enough money to maintain trails.  People will spend money to build trails but not maintain them and this is true on the trails we ride.  The problem with users fees in our area is that there are 3 land owners who maintain our trails Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA), Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and the Town of Uxbridge. User Fees will only work if there is one fee for all the properties we ride. As LSRCA operates Durham Forest (owned by Durham Region),  TRCA owns or manages Dagmar, Glen Major Forest, Walker Woods, Brock Track, Wilder and the Town of Uxbridge owns the Country Preserve and the town trail system.
Please take the time to fill in the survey and let LSRCA know what is important to you as you use Durham Forest.
Ride, Build, Respect!
DMBA Board of Directors



I completed the survey today. I hope more people would do it.

OntMountainMan's picture

I would be in favour of an annual trail fee for mountain biking - or better, the annual fee could be DMBA membership to ride in DF.

I said no fee for use for walkers, snowshoers etc, but if you want to ride on the trails, or bring your horse on the double track, then there should be a fee.

I may not make it out to many DMBA group rides, but I value the work of the association. Without it we wouldn't have such a great trail system!