DMBA Canada 150 celebrations!

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On Saturday June 3rd DMBA kicked off the Canada 150 celebration with a couple rides, one in Durham Forest (Map #6 - Nova Scotia) and the other at Walker Woods (Map #9 - Alberta). The weather was good and the trails were great. If you are not familiar with the Canada 150 celebration, click on the link at the top right of this page. In essence, 13 trails have been mapped out, each named after the provinces and territories of Canada, in all totaling 150 Km. We also have a cool plate to give to you our members and stickers for the plates to keep track of what you’ve ridden. The good news is that the trails are all located in the Durham area, so you won't be crossing any provincial borders. So, put on your Canadian Spirit and get involved! Click on the link above for more details and learn how doing what your love best (riding your Mountain Bike) can give you that warm and fuzzy patriotic feeling. Oh, and there are some prizes for those that finish and send us their completion reports. Not big prizes, but practical prizes like water bottles, things the early Canadian pioneers would have appreciated. We're also hosting group rides and a number of events this summer. So, don’t wait, get your race plate from any of the group ride leaders and ride the 13 trails from sea to shining sea, all in Durham.

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Norm Wachholz