Since the fall of 2015, Mountain Bikers enjoying the Durham Region have been able to access the Dagmar North Trails off of Chalk Lake Road. Effective December 1st, 2017, access to the trails along this connection will be closed until further notice.

This connector was made possible with a lease agreement between the TRCA and the landowner and without it the Dagmar North Trails may not have been built. In 2015 it was suggested that the TRCA, Green Durham Association (GDA) and the DMBA split the lease costs. The DMBA board turned this down as they believed that paying for access trails could set a precedent. Instead, the board negotiated that the DMBA build the trails system and not participate in the lease costs. The trail system that was built would have cost $130,000 if it was constructed by a contractor. Since the trails opened the DMBA has maintained these trails exclusively with the exception of taking down hazard trees.

This year the TRCA approached the DMBA to pay half the lease costs. The board decided on a one-time basis, midway through this riding season, to split the cost 50/50 with GDA for 5 months to bring the lease to the end of this riding season (November 30, 2017). The hope was to allow time for the TRCA to find another solution. It was made clear to the TRCA that the DMBA would not be making further payments as they still feel that paying for access trails could set a precedent. The other parties to the lease felt that the monetary rate proposed to maintain access to this connector was not cost-effective and sustainable, therefore the access will close unless some other solution is arranged.

The TRCA has tried to negotiate with a local property owner to open a southern access trail from the 3 Rocks parking. To date, the negotiation process has been unsuccessful.

As a club, we’re committed to helping develop a second access trail into Dagmar.

The Dagmar North Trail system will be closed for the winter on December 1, 2017. Please respect the closure, spread the word to non-members, and respect the property owner by not trespassing.

DMBA Board of Directors