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Peterborough Harold Town Survey needs MTB input

If you wish to comment please review the Management Statement and email your comments to the link below. 

Otonabee Conservation has embarked upon a program to develop management statements for all of its properties. The purpose of a conservation area management statement is to describe the long-term ownership, management objectives and associated stewardship activities for the property.

The Great Albion Enduro!/events/the-great-albion-enduro-2017

The GREAT Albion Enduro returns for 2017!

Following last years huge success, this epic event is back and bigger than ever! 25, 40, and an 80 km Super Enduro greet riders of all abilities to an unforgettable course!

This fantastic day of riding includes:

One more reason to ride all 13 DMBA Canada 150 trails

Need more encouragement to do the patriotic thing and ride all 13 DMBA Canada 150 trails? The Second Wedge has magnanimously offered to help quench the thirst of the first 50 riders that complete the full 150Km with 12oz. of one of their masterly crafted artisanal brews, or a non-alcoholic ‘Just Craft Soda’ if the latter is your preference or if you don't really have a choice in the matter.

How it works:

Please complete LSRCA Survey

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) conducts a survey every 5 years to gather information about what trail users would like and what they feel needs to be changed/improved. This survey includes Durham Forest where our 1000 members spend quite a lot of their time!  Mountain Bikers are the primary user group in Durham Forest and it's imperative that LSRCA to get our feedback.  Please encourage all Mountain Bikers to take the 10 minutes to complete this survey, click here.  
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Skytop Beer and Bike Festival

One of our members, Belinda Hosey* is presenting the Skytop Beer and Bikes Festival
There is a new festival coming to a forest near you......the first annual Skytop Beer and Bikes Festival will take place on the private trails of Skytop (Skytop is approximately 1 km east of Durham Forest, directions on the event website). Saturday, September 9 th !  Skytop Beer and Bike Festival