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Was your Kona mountain bike stolen?

Hello Members,

We were recently contacted by the Durham Regional Police Service regarding a very sweet Kona mountain bike they recovered in the Oshawa area, which they believe was stolen.

If you think this might your bike please contact:

Detective Michael McArthur
Durham Regional Police, Badge 3019
Central East Division

Cheers, and thanks Michael!

Dan Little
Membership Director - DMBA

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Did you find a glove in the Durham Forest parking lot?

What is more useless than having only one riding glove?

We have a member who lost one of his bright florescent green Troy Lee gloves likely in the Durham Forest parking lot in the last day or so. If you see it please pick it up and drop me a note. Hopefully we can get it reunited with the other hand.

Cheers, Dan

Century and a Half Club

DMBA is pleased to announce the Century and a Half Club. As you know, DMBA is celebrating Canada's sesquicentennial birthday with 13 trails totaling 150 Km. Beautiful DBMA Canada 150 race plates are being handed out free to members together with stickers to apply to the plate after each trail has been completed. So now you've ridden all thirteen trails, you got lost a few times, but you discovered trails you didn't know existed. It was a lot of work and now you deserve some recognition.

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Did you find a set of keys in the Durham Forest?

Hi folks,

We have a member who lost a set of keys in the Durham Forest on Saturday, June 24th. Until he finds the keys his bike rack is locked to his vehicle. Keep your eyes open on the trails (it is safer that way) and please email me if you find them.

Thanks for your help

Dan Little
Membership Director - DMBA/YMBA

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Dirty Dirt in Durham

Dear DMBA Members,
As mountain bikers who enjoy the beautiful natural areas and quiet rural communities in Durham Region, I believe this issue should concern us all. We need your support! You may or may not be familiar with the problem of soil dumping in Durham, where excess construction dirt from Toronto and elsewhere in the GTA is used to fill in ravines, gravel pits, or is dumped in natural areas.  Many of these sites are not permitted by a municipality or other authority, and some of the soil has been found to be contaminated by hydrocarbons or heavy metals.