About Us

What is DMBA?

Durham Mountain Biking Association is a non-profit association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve trail opportunities for mountain bikers in Durham and York Regions. We formed in the fall of 2005 to advocate for mountain bikers in the Durham Region. With a growing membership, who live across the Greater Toronto Area, we have evolved and expanded our representation of and for the mountain biking community. 


What does DMBA do?



DMBA advocates for mountain bikers in the York and Durham Regions. We build relationships with Conservation Authorities and other users of the public lands in the area. Ensuring a public land owner does not restrict access and all users can enjoy this precious resource.  When there is a threat of mountain biking losing access to trails we fight to keep access. Discussing the issues and finding a solution which works for all interested parties. Promote MTB’ing in a positive light, rehabilitating the reputation of mountain biking (e.g. we cause erosion).  Spread the truth about mountain biking through education. When the possibility of gaining access to land arises, we help with the land owner’s understanding of mountain biking; so we can have another place to ride. Many opportunities for new trails exist but only with members support and effort will they become a reality. 


Trail Work

We also focus on trail work. When the long hard work of developing trail plans comes to fruition DMBA gets to its essence, building new trails. Along with repair and maintaining existing trails. At Ravenshoe, we have worked with York Region to rebuild sections of raised trail, making the trails safer.  In the Durham Forest and East Duffins Headwaters DMBA has built and maintained kilometers of trails. Last year’s new trails Burnt Toast and Orge and Out in the Durham Forest are an example of our effective work with the local land owner.  To the mutual benefit of all users of the forests. There will be more trail work this year, sweat equity provided  by DMBA members.  None of this would be possible without their dedication.  



We teach kids and adults who are new to the sport and want to learn how to safely ride trails. Teaching basic skills and while were at it we teach them how to be conscientious and courteous riders who give mountain bikers a good name. In the spring and fall, family oriented events are held to promote and educate, but mostly they about having fun in the forest. For more advanced riders, skills clinics are held to be able to progress within the sport. You could become one of the advanced riders and lead trail rides!



Since we are an association of mountain bikers, naturally we ride. We host regular group rides throughout the year at Ravenshoe, East Duffins Headwaters and Durham Forest. Within the rides, riders of varying levels are matched and no one is left behind. We also host a few road trips each year to other riding spots, near and far.


What are DMBA’s objectives?

Advocating for mountain bicycling and land use in York and Durham Regions of Ontario;

Developing a strong network of sustainable, mountain biking, and multi-use, trails in and around the Regions;

Partner with officials, land owners, and land mangers, on land access, environmental and development issues;

Cultivation of a spirit of mutual assistance, co-operation, and understanding among the various trail user communities;

Providing extra services as desired by the members of DMBA.

Have fun and meet like minded souls!



Our Executive

Tom Hanrahan - President
Erich Baumhard - York Region, Ravenshoe
Kent Edmunds - York Region, YRFAT
John Fisher - Treasurer, EDH, Dagmar
Tom Hawks - Membership, Events, EDH, Dagmar
Naill Mooney - Trail building and maintenance
Blair Munro - Rides, Events
Ernest Muzzatti - Secretary, Greenwood, Web
Gord Parr - Recording Secretary, Greenwood, Web
Member Survey Results

In 2012 we did an extensive survey of our members to learn who our members are, their interests and activities, riding levels and habits. Also, why they joined DMBA; what they think about and want from the club. There was a terrific response - over 50% of our 400 members took the time to share their thoughts and comments.  The Board of Directors uses the survey results to guide efforts and set priorities.   Here is a summary of the results, to help you get to know DMBA and it members.

Contact Us

For general inquires to DMBA send us an email at info@durhammountainbiking.ca
For questions and comments about the website contact us at webmaster@durhammountainbiking.ca