Group Rides

This is what it is all about. Riding. Our members host group rides on a regular basis. We also try to organize a few road trips a season to sweet riding areas outside of Durham Region.

The DMBA uses the Event Calendar to allow members to easily schedule group rides. 

DMBA rides are intended for members, but are open to the public as well. We do this to show riders the best trails in the area. If you have a good time consider joining the DMBA and riding at other great places in Durham Region. Please don’t abuse our hospitality, we don’t want to turn people away but if you want to ride with us regularly we have to insist that you become a member.

We rate our rides in three ways. Technical difficulty of the trails, pace of the group, and duration of the ride. This make’s it a bit easier to decide which ride to join.

Technical Difficulty (or Skill Level):

  • Beginner: double track and some novice single track
  • Intermediate: single track that has some obstacles or features: log overs, roots, small rocks, etc.
  • Advanced: single track that has more technicality involved, maybe some drop offs, rock faces, steep sections, off camber sections, big logovers, etc.
  • Expert: much bigger drops, tighter off camber turns, higher speeds, loose soil.

Group Pace (or Fitness Level):

  • Easy:  ~10km/h average, lots of rests, rests in the 5 minute range.
  • Intermediate: ~12 km/h average, fewer rests, rests less than 5 minutes, uses the tag system.
  • Hard: ~15 km/h average, rests are the exception, uses the tag system to keep the group together.
  • Race: > 18 km/h average, no rests, if you’re dropped too bad.

Duration is up to the ride organizer, but typically the beginner/easy pace rides will be shorter; in the 1.25 to 1.5 hours range, and the  advanced/hard pace rides will be in the 2 to 2.5 hour range (possibly even longer).

The Tag System: When a larger group (15-20 riders) starts out it will start to break up into smaller groups. To keep the entire group on the same course we use the Tag System. If you are the last person in one of the smaller groups your job is to wait until you can see the first person in the next smaller group. You let them know which way the whole group is going and start riding again. Everyone does this until the last person, the sweeper, comes along.

Ride Schedule 

Our schedule is below. This is subject to change and additions at any time, so check our Events Calendar for any updates.

Weekly Rides

We’ll host our regular group rides on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings; plus Saturday mornings. The ride events usually start at the beginning  of May and run till the snow and cold stop us.

Monday Evenings Women’s Ride - Durham Forest: Join us for the women’s night on the trails!  Novice & Intermediate groups will be fun, social, guided & coached. Advanced rides will be for those women looking for a faster and more challenging ride.  Rides will be 1.5 - 2 hours leaving from the parking lot at 6:30pm. Lights may help on late fall rides.

Tuesday Evenings Family Ride- Launching May 31 at 6.30pm every Tuesday.  Meetin in the Durham main parking Lot.  Note: 1) Parents need to stay and ride with their children. 2) Helmets are mandatory. 3) All riders need to be able to ride a 2 wheel bicycle.

Wednesday Evenings Men, Women & Youths - Durham Forest: meet in the Durham Forest parking lot for 6:15. The ride leaves at 6:30 pm sharp. We break into several groups covering a range of fitness, pace and skill levels: from beginner/easy pace, through intermediates to advanced/fast paced. Lights may help on late fall rides.

Thursday Evenings - Ravenshoe Forest: meet at the north parking lot on Ravenshoe Rd. at 6:30pm. We’ll break into groups if we need to accommodate numbers and/or different skill/fitness levels.


Road Trips and Events

Just like last year we’ll be taking some road trips and participating in some multi-hour events. Watch our Events Calendar for confirmations and changes.

Road Trip

Members can post Road Trips on the Event Calendar.  At this time, there no scheduled Road Trips. 

Events & Skills

Please watch for invitations and the Events Calendar for confirmations and changes. 

  • Sat. May 7: Pancakes, Kids & JoyRide150 - Durham Forest. A fun family event.  New this year - Demo day.  See event calendar for details
  • May & June: Stouffville Rec. & DMBA Skills Courses for women and youths.
  • June: Trek Store Skills Clinic for DMBA women - Durham Forest
  • June: Trek Store Skills Clinic for DMBA men - Durham Forest
  • July & Aug: Stouffville Rec. & DMBA Skills Courses for women & youths - Durham & Ravenshoe
  • Oct.:  Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day - Durham Forest

Non-members click on the JOIN DMBA tab above now and become a member,  so you too can get event invitations.   See the Events Calendar with these and many more rides and events.