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We have set up a Donation Page where you can get information on how to make a tax deductible donation to the Dagmar project.

The Dagmar Trails Grand Opening , September 12th, was a huge success!  200+ people enjoyed: 13km of sweat new single track; a five course meal; live music; and demo bikes courtesy of 6 of our Corp. Partners. We honoured all our trail builders, $$ donors, sponsors, and especially our 67 BIG Builders with a special limited edition Dagmar Trail Founders jersey each for their extraordinary efforts.

Saturday marked the culmination of a Herculean effort of trail building this year by our club: 54 trail building events; 205 volunteer builders; 5,558 hours in total = $83,000 in volunteer value; $13+K in $$ donations, a $20K grant and $21K in club funds = equals 13km of signed, safe, terrific, new trails to ride with some fun, challenging features to keep you on your toes. We hope you all enjoy the ride!

PARKING: Parking is not perfect yet - we're working on it. In the mean time, please park only in public parking lots. The official parking for Dagmar North trails are TRCA lots at Glen Major (3 Rocks) & Walker Woods (The Towers). These lots are all just a short warm-up ride to the trails. Please ride with caution on the roads to the entrances into Dagmar North Trails.

 DO NOT park at Dagmar Ski Resort (private property), or on Chalk Lake Rd., 7th Concession or Lake Ridge Rd. for safety and neighborly considerations.

Two links to videos from our Grand Opening. See what you missed and/or remembered: 



and a Uxbridge Times Journal article:



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Click on link for a PDF of Dagmar trails

16.12.09 - Dagmar map 


Gary Ataman's picture

Would be nice if link to chalk road was 100% shown on map

When the map was first created the Southern Link was more of a probability and the initial map showed more of this trail.  If this link isn't built then we will probably shift the map down the page to show more of Chalk Lake Road and the link to the north.  At the moment we're concentrating on mapping the trails themselves accurately and I am currently also in the process of GPSing the double tracks.  If you'd like to help out please email me at niall.mooney@durhammountainbiking.ca.  Cheers,


stephensnoddon's picture

heh, no one said anything about helping you!