What is DMBA?

Durham Mountain Biking Association is a non-profit association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve trail opportunities for mountain bikers in Durham and York Regions. We formed in the fall of 2005 to advocate for mountain bikers in the Durham Region. With a growing membership, who live across the Greater Toronto Area, we have evolved and expanded our representation of and for the mountain biking community. 



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Today marked the official launch of the Dagmar Build

Using our new corporate sponsor, Lakeridge Ski Resort's parking lot as a launching pad, an enthusiastic group of volunteers met this pristine April morning and  began to "eat the elephant".  A sizable chunk of single track corridor was cleared as we prepare for the arrival of the contractors and their machines. 

DMBA's plan to rebuild Dagmar on this tight a time schedule is a very ambitious undertaking.  It is exciting to be part of it and to finally see the build get underway. 

DAGMAR INFO PAGE eyeballs need to look!

Check out our DAGMAR information page where your help can make 8km. of sweet single track become a reality this year. We need your help clearing and building the trails. Do not how? We have a course April 24th.

Trail conditions

gwirish50 - Sat, Apr 25, 2015

Jefferson Forest

The trails are dry, at most a bit tacky in spots due to all the rain this week.

The Richmond Hill Forest Highway now runs all the way to Bethesda Road where it ends in a grassy patch just east of the new townhouses...

Blair.Munro - Fri, Apr 24, 2015

The rain over the last week combined with the colder temps has left some of the trails noticably softer. With around 2/3rds of the trails now cleared though, it won't take long for them to dry up. Take it easy on the mud and stay on the trails.  ...

stephensnoddon - Sun, Apr 19, 2015

Apart for some still wet sections in the Pines, Durham was in great shape today.  Blair M.has leaf blown most of the single track and that really helps. We did not ride the Skyloft Connector, so can't speak for that.    

ColinMOD - Fri, Apr 17, 2015

Adam from Chico Racing...

Terry Sinclair - Fri, Apr 17, 2015

I just did a 2 hour walk in Durham forest scouting trail conditions. The trails that I walked were all good to go. Some double track areas are still wet where the trail is flat and low lying, so you are best to stay off of double track where...